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Name: Yahzi

Gender: female

Age:  18

Hair: black

Ethnicity/tribe: Hopi

Story location: alternate history American southwest. (Tech a little crazier)

Background: a Hopi Indian living in a village in the southwest of America. When she was a young girl of 12 her village was attacked and slaughtered while the men were out on a hunting trip, leaving the women and children defenseless. The attackers; soldiers of the United States of America. Yazhi was badly injured and left for dead among the rest of the women and children. By sheer luck and will she survived. With a broken leg, ribs and many cuts and bruises she was discovered barely clinging to life by a wealthy cattle ranch owner and inventor, and his entourage as they were headed back to their home from a trip. They took her in and began to nurse her back to health, taking her with them. However she was not happy to be taken in and cared for by white men. Seeing them as no different than the ones who had attacked her family and nearly killed her. The man though didn't hold it against her, seeing she had every reason to resent and fear them for what their fellow men had done to her. It however didn't stop the man from taking her in and trying to civilize her and raise her as his own daughter, as he had lost his wife and daughter during child birth. After time she lightened a bit to him and the ranch workers who had saved her and became more trusting of them, but still resented white men as a whole. She also refused to give up all of her past families' teachings and ways. But she did take to a bit of the teachings the rancher offered her.
steampunk cosplay charater bios 2: the native american
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October 4, 2011
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